About Us

We promote contemporary fine art to support communities and cultures internationally. Our aim is to increase access to fine art for people that would like to support ethical projects while enjoying a unique piece of art.

AnnaMany of the groups we represent are in need of financial support to assist projects to raise basic living standards, and improve access to education and health care. By supporting our artists you are also contributing to projects within these communities.

Our team has experience working within the contemporary art market with artists, emerging and established, from diverse backgrounds. Carefully selected, our artists are of the highest standards and are producing work that is engaging, unique and enriching.

Our valuable experience of working with artists in remote and sensitive communities means that we take great care to protect the cultural authenticity and integrity of the artists and objects we represent. Drawing on extensive experience with managing large commercial galleries and international distribution, we endeavour to provide a rewarding and valuable experience for art collectors and those new to art buying.

We are always interested in hearing from those interested in ethical fine art as well as artists, communities and groups that could benefit from our support so please do get in touch.